Project Manager
Tumburu, a citizen of Nepal, has been working in the field of social development and communication field for over a decade. He joined NSK as a project manager for building and upgrading the new website. His job was to coordinate and inspire the expert and volunteers who offered to help. He has the responsibility of choosing the best for NSK out of various options available. He has vast of experience working, at the grass root level, with citizen of Nepal through various networks and agencies, while implementing various developmental activities in the past. He wants every person of Nepal to avail the basic necessities of human life. He is working to bridge the huge gap between those who have and those who have not. He is touched by the enormous work that is required to be done for the underprivileged community of Nepal in this world of modern facilities and accessories. He was involved in this small project through UNV, about building an informative website of NSK - an old but resource lacking non-governmental organization of Nepal. Today, he feels proud of whatever project has achieved so far.


Senior Developer
Gaurav is a software developer from India, working with a MNC in Bangalore. He joined NSK as senior developer to build and revamp the old NSK site. His roles and responsibilities include studying and understanding the old NSK site, understand the needs of NSK and create a new website that can represent NSK. He thinks that the knowledge gained can always be utilized for the betterment of society. He is always willing to contribute and keeps looking out for new opportunities. He is a registered volunteer at UNV from where he came to know about NSK. He has contributed most to the website in terms of development and hopes that site achieves its objective.


Priti is a commerce graduate from university of Mumbai. She joined NSK as a consultant to create and upgrade the new website. She has a dream of making NSK truly noticeable on the global platform and achieves its dream. She has worked with various Banks for the last 20 years. During her sabbatical she wanted to do something different and contribute to the society. She enrolled herself as United Nations Online volunteer. After applying to the several volunteering opportunities, she found herself lucky to get selected with NSK. She has been actively contributing with the various ideas and suggestion to revamp the website.


Haryadi Herdian (Hary) is a young, energetic software developer from Indonesia. He is always keen to contribute to the society and community worldwide. Hary joined as second developer at NSK. He enable website for online transaction. Implementing online transaction in Nepal is a challenging task due to the regulation of the country. However, with continuous effort he was able to meet the objective. It is amazing experience working with him.